Columbine and The Aurora Theater Massacre


The Century theater shooting was 13 miles from Columbine 13 years after 13 people were killed.  12 were killed at Aurora.

Mass killings are rising world-wide, and will increase as population increases.  There are evil people, and although we do not understand their evil actions, people have been murdering forever.

We go into national shock over mass murder, but hardly notice a single murder on page 3.  Apparently we feel more vulnerable when many people die, as we consider we could have been there, but do not when we do not relate to the vulnerability.

That guns are frequently used in the United States brings a hue and cry for bans on high-capacity weapons and large quantities of ammunition.  The Aurora shooter had 6,000 rounds, thought to be unusual.  But it is not unusual for a competitive shooter to fire 3000-4000 rounds per week.  It is also not unusual for …

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